It’s Monday October 23rd, and I’m finally sitting down to reflect on this past weekend’s event…Parliament Hill Bootcamp’s VERY FIRST Post Season Fitness Conference! It seems a little surreal to be honest.  When I started volunteering my time up on the Hill 2 years ago I was not expecting to be part of something this big.

It feels like just yesterday I was having my first phone conversation with the founder, Mia St-Aubin, this incredible woman who I had never met but admired from afar.  She was looking for fitness professionals within the community who shared in her same passion for fitness and her vision for something so much bigger.  She knew that to reach incredible heights she would need a strong team behind her moving forward.  I believe I had a smile stuck on my face throughout our whole phone conversation.  And to be completely honest, it felt so comfortable, you know those warm fuzzies you get when you know something is good…it was that good!  It was unreal that this woman on the other end of the line shared so many of the same feelings that I did toward fitness and was DOING something about it, something big.  I knew Mia’s vision from the start, to change the face of fitness, to stop dieting and to make fitness fun, simple and accessible to the community.  As we spoke her energy was contagious and I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity to be a part of her team.

Fast forward two summers, with a hundred more participants each Thursday and an incredible team of fitness professionals (my #phitcrew!) who look forward to sharing their coaching skills each week.  The atmosphere is like none other…I mean really what can beat a Bootcamp on THE Parliament Hill after all!?   The participants, the killer beats brought to you by HOT 89.9 (and Joey’s crew…we love Joey!!!), the echoing voices from the mic that take over the lawn for 45 mins as we sweat together and then of course the whole fact that it is accessible and FREE to all who are willing to attend.   And now what’s even better!?…a PH Bootcamp Post Season Fitness Conference!

As Canadians we understand quite well that certain activities might only be seasonal.  For example our PH Bootcamps run from May-September each year.   However the importance of health and wellness does NOT stop during the colder months.  If anything, due to illness and symptoms linked to seasonal affective disorder (or like I’d prefer to say…the winter blues) it becomes even more crucial to get out and moving during those months.  This being said, along with the Post Season Conference, we will also be holding Pre Season Conferences in the spring before the summer starts up again.  Our goal is to have an active presence in the community throughout the year and to hold our followers accountable in making fitness a priority all year long.   Our conferences have as a goal to educate the community and to motivate individuals to make better efforts in making fitness fun and to set straight much confusion the media has brought to us about the fitness industry and wellness in general.   The greatest feedback I received after the conference was about the flow of the conference.  We tied together short information-rich segments on a wide range of topics which were followed by quick workouts, stretches and giveaways.

This conference I spoke about the importance of Family Fitness.  One highlight for me during this event was being able to have my son on stage with me to demonstrate some skill component exercises that we do at home together.

mommy and me
Oh the life of a Personal Trainer’s son!

(Oh the life of a personal trainer’s son!)   As a mom it is incredibly important for me to be the example for my children and to have my family recognize the many benefits of taking good care of your health.  Health is important at every age.  I always say, a de-conditioned body is a de-conditioned body regardless of age.  I have met 80 year olds in much better condition that some 50 year olds that I know.  If you make the time and the effort to take care of yourself at a younger age, you will be ahead of the game and will enjoy the benefits well into your golden years.   However, it is also never too late to start moving if you have been sedentary most of your life.  I absolutely love seeing faces of all ages up on the Hill with us every Thursday during the summer!!!

What I personally loved most about this conference was that the community had the chance to get to know a little bit more about each of the coaches that they see up on the Hill each week.  It really showed that we are all real humans, together living out this thing called life.  We all have the same hours in a day and we all have lives that we go back to once we step off of that hill.  I only hope that those who attended left feeling a little more motivated and a little more INSPIRED to make any of the small necessary changes they need in their lives toward reaching whatever goals they have set for themselves.


All that is left to say is THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all who took the time to be a part of this event with us.  Thank you for putting your wellness first and understanding the importance of continuously learning for your own optimal health.  I look forward to seeing everyone back in April at our Pre Season Conference!

Until then, kill those winter blues…get up and move!

Coach Crys


For more information about SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and how it might affect you click here https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/seasonal-affective-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20364651


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