Finally making my way into the blogging world!

Throughout my years as a personal trainer, I’ve had so many experiences that have left me wanting to share my thoughts with the world.  And so…I have finally decided to give the blogging world a go!  When it comes to fitness and health it can be a daily battle, both physically and mentally.  We all have our own personal struggles and challenges, whether big or small, that can hold us back from living life to its fullest.  At most I hope that through my blogs I share information that will educate, motivate and inspire the average person out there to set their own goals and work toward crushing them!!   Don’t hesitate or procrastinate.  Your fitness and health is important enough to be a major priority in your life!  Which btw is what inspired my own business name… “C Y Fitness Matters” (for those who don’t know C Y are also my initials…how fitting right!?)

Briefly I’ll start by sharing a few of my own goals:
In November 2014 I started my own personal training business…which is starting off amazing!   Within the past few weeks I’ve taken up Crossfit as my next challenge and I am loving it.   But also these last few months I’ve been working on training toward the Spartan Race in July

Now the question is…what is your next goal or what are you working toward!?  Don’t procrastinate and remember that progress is progress!

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