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Welcome to my fitness hub!

My name is Crystal Yukich and I am the Owner and Personal Trainer of C Y Fitness Matters an Ottawa based personal training business.    I have been in the fitness industry since 2006 and I currently train my clients out “Love to Train” Fitness near Billings Bridge.  I am also a Health Educator on the Montfort Academic Family Health Team where I share all of my fitness knowledge with patients who are ready and willing to make healthy lifestyle changes.

I have been an athlete involved in many sports growing up.   This passion for sport has followed me into my adult years and I continue to live a healthy and active lifestyle with my friends and family.  I am also a proud wife and mom of 3 amazing little boys! Becoming a mom really changed my approach and my perspective to training this specific demographic.   After my son was born the first goal I set for myself was to complete a fitness competition through Physique Canada in 2012, two years after my son was born.  This goal was a personal challenge intended to set myself outside of my comfort zones and to accomplish something I thought wasn’t possible.  Since then I have found so many ways to be active with my little ones and enjoy our time together to the fullest!  I am proud to say that my oldest son joins me in many of my races and he has the drive for movement just as much as I do.  Always remember, those little eyes are always watching and they admire mommy and daddy for the strength that we show through adversity.  Be the best example possible for your little ones and help them cultivate a very healthy and happy future for both themselves as well as the next generation.

Highlights about me :

2016-2018 PH Bootcamp Ambassador – Director of Energy @ www.phbootcamp.com
2016 Spartan Ultra Beast Finisher (Owl’s Head Ski Resort)
2016 Spartan World Championship Elite Athlete (Lake Tahoe)
2016 OCR World Championship Pro/Elite Athlete (Blue Mountain)
2017 Ottawa Army Run – 1/2 Marathon Athlete
***To note I am continuously completing smal runs throughout the year.  I believe in setting ongoing goals to help motivate myself maintain my fitness level.

Health Educator – Montfort Academic Family Health Team
Owner / Personal Trainer and Coach – C Y Fitness Matters Inc

Bachelors of Science with Major in Biochemistry, Ottawa University
Certified Personal Trainer, CFPI
Nutrition and Wellness Certification, CFPI
CPR / AED Certified, CFPI



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Abraham Diga says:

    Comment: Hi there, just a newbie blogger passing by. I just finished created my site days ago, and I’m trying to share it on this site, since it’s also a health and fitness website. Hope you don’t mind. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carole Bureau says:

    Hi Cristal,

    I hope my name will ring a bell.
    You were my coach for 9 months at Train yards.
    I am now facing hip problem and hope you could help me out.

    When could we meet?
    I would like to you to give me an evaluation and suggestions on how to improve my flexibility.

    Carole Bureau613-733-4507


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